You traveled far to achieve success.

Now you’ve decided to take it to the next level.

Soneto is a comprehensive, cloud-based home care software solution designed for successful, growing, Private Duty, Medicare Certified, and Medicaid companies.

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The Soneto Advantage

Our scalable solution enables unbounded growth.

Soneto Software provides scalable results.

Based on actual data for all hosted companies using Soneto during the full period 6/1/2011-6/1/2012 and excludes franchise networks.

Grow your Client Base

We understand that to grow your client base and measure your success you need powerful, scalable, home care and home health software tools to manage your sales efforts, marketing activities, and referral sources. Soneto’s robust CRM features provide these capabilities and much more. Utilize a funnel-based sales approach for resource planning and revenue forecasting. Use data driven intelligence to identify your top performing sales staff, referral sources, and marketing campaigns and weed out costly, ineffective efforts.

Scale with Ease

Differentiate from your competitors and grow your company with ease. Soneto’s robust scheduling features enable you to easily scale up to manage a large number of common to complex shift configurations while Soneto’s billing and payroll features enable you to easily scale out into new lines of business. Whether you are expanding into Private Duty, Medicare, or Medicaid, through organic growth or acquisitions, do so confidently and without adding additional software or staff expenses.

Increase Profitable Growth

With Soneto, it’s all about profitable growth. Within a single, fully-integrated, scalable solution, increase your top line revenue through better referral source targeting, expanding into new geographical markets, working with new payer sources, and developing stronger client and caregiver relationships. Control your costs and efficiently achieve your goals. Make sound, sustainable business decisions. Focus on your business knowing your software will support your growth initiatives.

“Soneto’s efficiencies have revolutionized our business and enabled us to grow. Since implementing Soneto 2 years ago, our Revenue/FTE ratio has increased by 69% and our weekly service hours has grown from 600 to 2000. Soneto and the knowledgeable, responsive support team have exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”

Brian Fletcher, Cowan Home Care and FootPrints Home Care

“Their software is superior, but it is the service that comes along with it that sets Stratis head and shoulders above anyone else. From the executive team down to the most junior employee, the people of Stratis have exceptional knowledge of their product, a passion for what they do, and they take the attitude that they are a partner, rather than merely a vendor.”

Jarrod Peterson, Touching Hearts

“Using Soneto has allowed my owners and staff to be more efficient, informed and responsive. We have the data we need at our fingertips and it adds real value to our company”

Jeff Salter, Caring Senior Service

“Our gratitude to Stratis Team! Gold medal for timely software support! Diamond for responding to our specific business needs!”

Dr. Ray Kathiresan, United Cerebral Palsy of Central Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

“With Soneto, we’ve gained operational efficiencies that were unimaginable just a few short months ago.”

Mike Baumer, Alarys Home Health

“We are about to begin our 5th year with Stratis, and what sets them apart is their design, ease of use, and fantastic support of Soneto. The team at Cypress HomeCare Solutions loves the flexibility and dependability of both the software and the Stratis team. As the managing partner of Cypress, I love the fact that I can look at my Soneto dashboards and get a quick view of our business.”

Bob Roth, Cypress Home Care

“The Soneto system has been totally reliable and always available whenever and wherever we need it. It is essential to the success of our business. It’s comforting to know our company’s information is secure, safely backed up, and that there are always good people available to help when you need it most.”

Kevin Paugh, Advantage @ Home

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Why Soneto is right for you.

Sales & CRM

Increase referrals by better understanding and developing your referral relationships.

Client & Caregiver Management

Increase services by better understanding and building client and caregiver relationships.

Scheduling & Telephony

Increase accuracy and save time by better managing your schedules.

Billing & Payroll Processing

Save time and increase accuracy during invoicing and payroll processing.

Integrated Accounts Receivable

Identify problematic payers and save time posting payments

Increase referrals by better understanding and developing your referral relationships:

  1. Identify your most profitable referral sources
  2. Identify your most effective marketing campaigns
  3. Empower your marketing team to build better relationships
  4. Forecast future revenue through your inquiry pipeline

Increase services by better understanding and building client and caregiver relationships:

  1. Increase satisfaction through stronger communication and needs assessments
  2. Provide better care through centralized and accessible documentation
  3. Eliminate dissatisfaction caused by incompatible client and caregiver matches
  4. Manage a large volume of clients and caregivers without adding staff

Increase accuracy and save time by better managing your schedules:

  1. Increase revenue by identifying and eliminating caregiver no-shows
  2. Reduce non-reimbursed expenses by eliminating unauthorized schedules
  3. Save time managing standard and unique “one-off” scheduling needs
  4. Scale your scheduling capabilities without adding additional staff

Save time and increase accuracy during invoicing and payroll processing:

  1. Save time by creating private pay, commercial, and governmental invoices
  2. Increase accuracy and reduce rejections with electronic invoicing
  3. Process payroll and invoice batches in minutes
  4. Reduce risk through FSLA compliant overtime calculations
  5. Export payroll information using standard file formats

Identify problematic payers and save time posting payments:

  1. Increase cash flow through credit card processing
  2. Save time by importing and posting electronic payments
  3. Clearly manage discrepancies by posting at the service level
  4. Reduce risk by proactively alerting schedulers about delinquent payers